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import openai

  prompt="Make a list of astronomical observatories:"
Create promo copy for the FamilyTime mobile application. It allows unlimited uploading, special filters and makes it easy to create albums of photos and videos. It runs on iOS and Android:
FamilyTime is the perfect app to share and create memories with your family. FamilyTime is a free, unlimited photo and video editor that allows you to create albums of your memories. It has a special filter for the perfect summer look and is so simple to use.
Summarize this email into a single sentence:

Dear Olivia,

The solar energy conference went great. New Horizon Manufacturing wants to meet with us to talk about our photovoltaic window system we’re about to launch.
I think it would be great to talk this Tuesday.

Allison is excited to meet with New Horizon Manufacturing to discuss their photovoltaic window system.
Answer the following questions about this customer email:

I’m wondering if you could provide me with information about your cloud services for companies. I’m CTO for Moon Door, a movie production company and want to know if it can help us manage our different projects that are in production.

1. What industry is the company
2. What is the name of the company
3. What are they interested in
4. What is the customer’s position

1. The company is in the movie production industry.
2. The company is Moon Door.
3. The customer is interested in cloud services for companies.
4. The customer is the CTO.
Choose a genre category for each book 1. The Hunger Games, 2. The Kite Runner 3. A Wrinkle in Time ("fiction", "young adult", "science fiction", "fantasy", "other") and make a list of the book and its genre:
1. The Hunger Games: young adult, fiction
2. The Kite Runner: fiction, young adult
3. A Wrinkle in Time: science fiction, fantasy, other
Translate this into French: Where can I find a bookstore?
Où puis-je trouver un magasin de livres?

Perform a wide variety of natural language tasks with GPT-3.

Translate natural language to code with Codex.

Table customers, columns = [CustomerId, FirstName, LastName, Company, Address, City, State, Country, PostalCode, Phone, Fax, Email, SupportRepId, TotalSpend]

Create a MySQL query for all customers in Texas who have spent over five thousand dollars.

query = "SELECT * FROM customers WHERE State = 'TX' AND TotalSpend > 5000"
Python 3
Get the current value of a Bitcoin in US dollars using the bitcoincharts api

import requests
import json

def get_bitcoin_price():
    url = ''
    response = requests.get(url)
    data = json.loads(response.text)
    return data['USD']['7d']

if __name__ == '__main__':
Extract all the html from the string and replace the tags with ''

def extract_html(text):
    return re.sub('<[^<]+?>', '', text)


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Keeper Tax

Helps freelancers automatically find tax-deductible expenses by using GPT-3 to interpret data from their bank statements into usable transaction information.


Helps businesses better and more quickly understand what customers are telling them by using language models, including GPT-3, to analyze customer feedback and generate summaries and insights.


Uses GPT-3 to provide French grammar corrections. An internal Duolingo study shows that use of this feature leads to measurably better second language writing skills!